Kids Glass

Caterpillar Jumble

— Specifications —

To Noël Ashby, surfaces are more than two-dimensional experiences; they have visual and tactile potential. Much of her work is inspired by the physical materials themselves, the weight of line against form, and the power of words to direct creative solutions. Having an exploratory approach to art making, Noël has designed across various industries, and is known for her depth of surfaces and unexpected approach to pattern making.

Glass Type
Clear, Bronze, or Gray tempered safety glass;
Starphire® low-iron tempered safety glass;
Laminated safety glass

Glass Sizes
Fabrication sizes up to 72" x 144";
AST Digital Printing: Fabrication sizes up to 72" x 120"

Glass Thickness
1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

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Best of NeoCon Gold

— Original Artwork —

Catjum artwork