Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building | GSA

Project Challenge:

Renovate the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Building in Atlanta to create a modern, flexible, and pleasant work environment that maintains its historical attributes and achieves LEED Silver certification. Until the early 1980’s, the Depression-era building was Atlanta’s U.S. Post Office. Later, it housed several federal agencies, resulting in additions with low ceilings, small workspaces, and few windows—not the kind of workplace that attracts and retains workers.

Skyline Design’s Solution:

Skyline Design provided customized solutions that celebrate history, showcase artwork, and create levels of privacy. Using AST™ Digital Glass Printing, we created a large, backlit portrait that memorializes MLK in the lobby. The same process was used to replicate vintage postage stamps on glass to four thousand times their size, adding color, history, and wayfinding to the space. Eco-etch® and texture processes on Fosilglas™ Mist™ create translucency in old teller windows adjacent to conference rooms fitted with Intaglio™ from the G Compendium™ collection.


A stunning preservation project that combines history and innovation, the MLK Federal Building is a showcase for Skyline’s capabilities in applying color, artwork, backlighting, and texture to glass.

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