Optimize space and create agile, open, or hybrid floor plans. Design with no commitments with Skyline Design LCG Smart Glass. You can have full transparency or instant translucency for privacy, shading, thermal control, and transparent display with one push of a button – the perfect solution to design flexibility for offices, hospitals, hotels, and retail. LCG Smart Glass can be paired with pattern, imagery, and color or turned into a color rich dynamic HD display.

Cut to fit and made to order according to specifications and special requests, Skyline Design LCG Smart Glass is available in varying sizes, with holes and notches to suit special hinges and handles that support wiring and control. It is compatible with any off-the-shelf or custom wall, door, or partition system and controlled via Wi-Fi touch panels, RF remotes, traditional wall switches, or integration with popular systems including Google, Alexa, or custom programs.

Skyline Design LCG Smart Glass is paired with patented controllers by Gauzy to provide the highest quality optical, mechanical, and electrical performance. Proven to last over 18 million on/off cycles and upwards of 10,000 consecutives ON hours, our LCG Smart Glass with Gauzy is the most reliable in the market. Our LCG Smart Glass films consume less energy than a 40-watt light bulb per 120ft2 and are defined by the highest transparency with haze as low as 2.2% and millisecond switching times.

Choosing Skyline Design LCG Smart Glass allows for a full spectrum of glass options. Developed and manufactured with the philosophy that every molecule matters, our films exhibit the best optical, mechanical, and electrical performance in the industry. We are supported by a global distribution network of specially trained and certified glass fabrication and film installation partners. Choosing us also means that you will have dedicated and accessible account managers and customer support.

privacy glass LCG Smart Glass Skyline Design Gauzy Light Control Glass Switch Glass

Skyline Design LCG Smart Glass goes from translucent to controlled levels of transparent in just 3 milliseconds.

Smart films are laminated into various types of glass for a unique space that suits both modern and future facing designs.

privacy glass LCG Smart Glass Skyline Design Gauzy Light Control Glass Switch Glass

LCG Smart Glass technologies change transparency and opacity with electrical supply to control various types of light.

The unique particles or molecules inside our films scatter when off, blocking light and creating opacity. When on, particles or molecules align, allowing light to pass through and creating transparency.

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Interior architectural glass is much more than a decorative decision: it redefines interior space, sets the stage, and embodies your message.
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