Skyline Design's Approach to Keeping the Durst Printer in Good Shape

Feb 15, 2023

We’ve figured out how to keep our Durst printer working like a charm, even though it’s an old model. Our secret? Regular maintenance, high-quality supplies, and many others. Our factory has a team of techs who check and clean the printer regularly. We only use the recommended inks and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid wear and tear. We also train our employees and keep up with the latest software updates. The result? Our 18-year-old Durst printer is still producing top-notch prints.

A Dedicated Maintenance Team

Our 150,000-square-foot Humboldt Park factory has a dedicated team of technicians responsible for regularly inspecting and servicing the Durst printer. They check for worn parts and replace them as needed, and they also run regular cleaning and calibration procedures to ensure that the printer is always in top working condition. This proactive approach to maintenance helps to prevent downtime and costly repairs.

High-Quality Supplies for our Durst Printer

Another important aspect of the factory’s success is using high-quality sustainable water-based ink and other supplies. The factory only uses inks specifically designed for the Durst printer, ensuring these supplies are always fresh and in good condition. This not only helps to produce high-quality prints but also extends the lifespan of the printer and its parts.

“Support, documentation, and experience matter here. Issues that do come up have their solutions documented by my maintenance team, so that future repairs go more quickly. It also helps to have operators with years of training and experience running the printer; they know its quirks and understand deeply how it works and how to maintain it. All that combined with ongoing support from Durst’s Service Department means that we can keep this printer running as long as Durst can continue supplying spare parts and consumables.”


— Alex Mansfield, Equipment Engineer

Sticking to the Manufacturer’s Guidelines 

Our factory also has a strict policy of only using the printer within the manufacturer’s recommended parameters. This includes not exceeding the recommended printing speed and ensuring that the machine is not running for extended periods of time without a break. By following these guidelines, we avoid wearing down the printer and help to ensure its longevity.

Employee Training and Education on the Durst Printer

Skyline Design also strongly emphasizes training and education for our employees. All employees who operate the Durst printer receive regular training on properly using the equipment and identifying potential problems. This ensures that the printer is always operated in the most efficient and effective way possible and helps to prevent small problems from turning into major issues.

Keeping Up with the Latest Technology

In addition to its excellent maintenance, our factory also uses the latest technology and software for the Durst printer to ensure that it is always up-to-date and working at its best. We invest in regular software upgrades to improve the functionality and performance of the printer. This not only helps to keep the printer running smoothly but also helps to ensure that it continues to produce high-quality prints.

The Benefits of Proper Maintenance

The result of our care and attention to our Durst printer is that it continues to produce high-quality prints, even though it’s well past its expected lifespan. This not only saves the factory money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs but also ensures that our customers continue to receive the high-quality products they expect.

At Skyline Design, we’ve found that regular maintenance and using high-quality supplies are the keys to keeping our printer running smoothly. Our old printer may be 18 years old, but it is still producing great prints because we make sure to take care of it. Keeping up with the latest technology is important, but let’s not forget about taking care of what you already have. Doing routine maintenance and paying attention to detail can help ensure your equipment lasts for a long time.

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