CAMAflage for Healthcare

Partnering exclusively with Skyline Design, renowned health care designer Rosalyn Cama has responded to the industry’s call for more hygienic, soothing, and flexible interiors with her new collection, CAMAflage. Based on extensive research on the needs of both patients and providers and the inadequacy of current solutions such as cubicle curtains, CAMAflage is a line of three inspiring glass patterns—all customizable according to client specifications—that represent the leading edge in evidence-based health care design. Drawing on findings that prove that privacy and sound control are some of the primary concerns of patients, CAMAflage offers a full range of options for transparency and opacity, which both preserves the dignity of patients while offering staff enough visibility to ensure patient safety. Cama and her associates also developed a Privacy Matrix Tool, which helps clients identify the desired balance of transparency and opacity according to location and application. In addition, in an era of increasing hospital-associated infections, CAMAflage is easily cleaned in place with commonly used products and serves as a replacement for flimsy and unhygienic cubicle curtains, eliminating the need for constant removal and laundering. And glass offers a beautiful and environmentally responsible solution to the issue of sound reduction in health care facilities.

— Specifications —

A practicing interior designer for over 30 years, Rosalyn Cama has turned the talents of her evidence-based healthcare design studio and laboratory think-tank toward the development of products that serve unmet needs. She does so with her team at Cama Collection, and with like-minded manufacturers such as Skyline Design.

Glass Type
Clear, Bronze, or Gray tempered safety glass;
Starphire® low-iron tempered safety glass;
Laminated safety glass

Glass Sizes
Fabrication sizes up to 72" x 144";
Digital Printing: Fabrication sizes up to 72" x 120"

Glass Thickness
1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

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