Skyline Design produces interior and exterior glass products using sustainable processes.

Where it all began

Skyline Design-Founded in 1983 by Charlie Rizzo

Founded in 1983 by Charlie Rizzo

Skyline Design’s commitment to sustainability begins—and continues— in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, where the company occupies a 150,000 square foot building originally constructed in the 1920s. Our award-winning products are proudly manufactured in the United States and shipped to clients worldwide.

Design Leadership

Innovation Focus

Skyline Design’s approach blends a broad spectrum of creative expression with today’s most advanced technologies.

A recognized innovator of glass manufacturing, Skyline Design’s inventive techniques and processes expand the possibilities of glass to improve the utility and beauty of spaces for work, health, study, home, and play.

Our Difference

Skyline Design-Product Quality

Product Quality

At Skyline Design, we insist on quality. From our production processes to the final product, attention to detail and a strong client relationship distinguish Skyline Design in the marketplace.
Skyline Design-Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Skyline Design has collaborated directly with architects and designers to create custom solutions specific to their needs. Whether adapted from a broad range of available standard options or created from original client artwork, a skilled staff works closely with the client to ensure customer satisfaction and a final product of the highest integrity.

Environmental Commitment

Skyline Design-Environmental Commitment

Sustainability has been and remains a cornerstone of day-to-day business practice at Skyline Design. 

Local Sourcing

Skyline Design believes in local sourcing: for its line of back-painted Vitracolor glass, the low-VOC, water-based paint the company developed is manufactured within five miles of the Humboldt Park factory.

Environmentally-friendly Materials

Skyline Design believes in environmentally-friendly materials: its proprietary Eco-etch® process does not use chemicals as an abrasive but instead recycled aluminum oxide, which is chemical-free, reusable, and results in a surface so resilient that it renders additional sealants unnecessary.

Efficiency & Economy

Skyline Design believes in efficiency and economy: glass is custom-cut for every order, rather than inventoried, to achieve the highest yields possible.


Skyline Design believes that every aspect of its practices can be evaluated and improved in light of their environmental impact—from custom-building its shipping crates in order to reduce packing material to replacing thousands of light bulbs in its factory and offices in order to reduce energy consumption.

Commitment to sustainability

This commitment to sustainability is reflected in Skyline Design’s fundamental building material: glass. Made from natural materials, glass itself has an unlimited life cycle—it will not deteriorate under normal conditions and it is recyclable at the end of its life. For those reasons, glass offers an environmentally superior platform for reengineering lived space.

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