Textured Glass

Skyline Design’s Texture technique transforms glass into a canvas of intricate patterns and tactile surfaces. This method involves engraving designs on glass, enhancing both its aesthetic and functional qualities. The textured glass, featured in various real-world applications, offers a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, adding depth and character to any space. It’s not just visually appealing but also practical, being durable and versatile for use in different architectural contexts.

Architectural Textured Glass 

Texture technique glass finds its place in diverse settings, from elegant interior partitions to striking exterior installations. Deep, consistent texture is engraved into the glass, resembling rolled or cast glass. A protective coat of matte or gloss finish is applied to diffuse light.

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  • Resembles rolled or cast glass
  • Digital process allows for full or partial patterning on the glass surface
  • Obscures objects behind it for privacy with maximum light

Applications for Textured Architectural Glass

Textured architectural glass has a wide range of applications, compliant with building codes and suited for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Customizable Glass Designs

Select from an extensive array of exclusive patterns created by a multitude of artists, designers, and photographers, or design a custom glass pattern that embodies your vision for your upcoming project.

Showcasing Textured Glass in Architectural Projects

Skyline Design’s portfolio highlights the diverse and innovative use of the Texture technique in various architectural projects, showcasing how this method brings a unique element to each design.


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