Vitracolor Back-Painted Glass

Skyline Design’s Vitracolor Back-Painting technique, incorporating an efficient roll coating process, is a unique and environmentally conscious method used for creating writable glass boards and wall-cladding. This innovative approach, coupled with advanced color-matching capabilities, makes Vitracolor back-painted glass a versatile choice for various settings.

Vitracolor: Functional + Artistic

Vitracolor Back-Painting stands out for its innovative approach in glass treatment, emphasizing environmental friendliness and aesthetic versatility. This technique employs sustainable, low-VOC water-based paints, applied with a roller to glass surfaces, creating vibrant, opaque, and writable areas. Renowned for its vast color range and consistency across panels, Vitracolor ensures each piece is both visually striking and functionally superior, making it an ideal choice for contemporary architectural and interior design projects.

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  • Low-VOC, water-based paint
  • Paint is locally sourced within 5 miles of the factory
  • Custom color-matching
  • Consistent color from panel to panel
  • Writable and magnetic surfaces

The added drama to this GSA building is undeniable. Together in the well-lit entryway, the artistic echoes of LeWitt’s work and the glow of yellow and orange textured panels update and enliven the space.This building’s vivid interior design received the inaugural RED (Recognizing Excellence in Design) Best in Show Award

11 W Quincy Court Project

Applications for Vitracolor Back-Painted Glass

Vitracolor glass can be used to artistically enhance spaces such as hospitals, offices, lobbies, railings and exterior glass as wall-cladding, as well as writable glass boards.

Custom Colors Available

The paint is locally sourced and Skyline Design is within 5 miles of the factory. Color selection is unlimited and we can even do custom color matching. Contact us for a quote today.

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