CAMAflage by Rosalyn Cama

Partnering exclusively with Skyline Design, renowned health care designer Rosalyn Cama has responded to the industry’s call for more hygienic, soothing, and flexible interiors with her new collection, CAMAflage. Based on extensive research on the needs of both patients and providers and the inadequacy of current solutions such as cubicle curtains, CAMAflage is a line of three inspiring glass patterns—all customizable according to client specifications—that represent the leading edge in evidence-based health care design.

Cama and her design studio brought together three distinct elements for these innovative designs. First, they researched the relationship between two healthcare needs that are often at odds: privacy for patients and transparency for safety and visibility. This research suggested that glass offered a wealth of possibilities and solutions. Intrigued by the translucent and yet durable properties of glass, Cama began collaborating with Skyline Design on an adaptable glass system that would offer the flexibility of fabric but prove superior in every respect to the conventional cubicle curtains, which are rarely laundered, unsanitary, flimsy, and sound-porous.

Second, the Cama team studied architectural solutions, both contemporary and historical, for creating privacy, including slats, louvers, and screens in both Western and Eastern cultures, such as Japanese shoji screens. They combined ideas generated by this research with a third element: imagery drawn from the natural landscape, which has proven to be calming and beneficial to wellness. Dayglow, Lucent, and Sunbeam are the happy results: flexible glass systems that allow for the controlled calibration of visibility within a configuration that can be easily opened and closed and, critically, easily cleaned in place with commonly used anti-microbial cleaners.

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