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Skyline Design Exterior Glass offers flexibility and choice for an unlimited combination of design options that individualize a facade and modulate levels of light entering interior space. 

Each glass panel can be created from a unique piece of artwork and tailored to your specifications for façades, curtain walls, rainscreens, canopies, railings, wayfinding, and bird-friendly glass.

Glass Types: Monolithic, Laminated Units, Insulated Units

Glass Sizes: Up to 72” x 144” in standard glass thicknesses


Exterior Techniques:


Surface One Eco-etch® glass etching reduces collisions by making exterior glass visible to birds.
CASE STUDY: Lehigh University

Digital Printing

Digitally printed pattern is baked into the glass during the tempering process.
CASE STUDY: Lenexa Library

Laminated Safety Glass

Decorative color or patterned interlayer is laminated between two lites of glass, protecting it from the elements.
CASE STUDY: Chicago Train Station: Garfield Green Line


Building collisions kill nearly one billion birds each year in North America.

SkySafe Bird-Friendly Glass

Eco-etch® etching on Surface One of exterior glass reduces these bird fatalities and thus contributes to the continuing vitality of the local ecosystem.

Clients can choose from Skyline Design’s library of proprietary, proven bird-safe patterns or work with Skyline Design to create a custom pattern that meets bird-friendly standards.

2x4 Rule

To deter bird strikes, patterning on glass should be spaced at a minimum of 2” vertically and 4” horizontally. Skyline Design offers patterns that follow or can be adapted to comply with this rule.


Working with a third-party testing facility, Skyline Design carried out custom testing of its Eco-etch® glass samples to assess the technique’s resistance to abrasion and environmental exposure. Eco-etch® glass performs beautifully and is unaffected by abrasive and environmental factors such as acid rain, bird droppings, smog chemicals, exhaust fumes, and ambient dirt.

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