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Skyline Design glass is nonporous with a microbial resistant surface that is easily cleanable, reducing the number of hospital-associated infections. 

Featured Products

CLEAN CUBE™ Medical System
by Synergy
This modular and custom-manufactured glass wall-cladding system offers improved hygiene, better durability, and an element of beauty for all patient care environments. Built and shipped quickly to your specifications.

LCG® Smart Glass
Powered by Gauzy

Instantly switch the glass between transparent and opaque for on demand privacy when you need it.

Mossa Health™
Space Dividers

Durable glass partition on wheels allows for beauty and flexibility in any healthcare space. Engineered for everyday use in even the highest traffic areas, it can be pushed aside to use as art then pulled into place where privacy is needed.

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Healthcare Applications

Glass has limitless applications in healthcare environments—from branded exterior facades to hallways and elevator cabs to patient and exam rooms. Pathogen-resistant, durable, sustainable, infinitely customizable, and cost-efficient, glass meets today’s healthcare needs.
Skyline Design-Healthcare
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