Healthcare Curtain Substitute: LCG Smart Glass™ for Healthcare Design

Jan 16, 2023

Healthcare spaces typically use privacy curtains and blinds for separating patient-care areas, but these materials can pose a risk for contamination. A study found that 12 out of 13 freshly washed curtains became contaminated within a week and that privacy curtains and blinds in most hospitals are frequently contaminated with antibiotic-resistant organisms. This highlights the importance of hygiene in healthcare settings and the need for a more hygienic alternative to privacy curtains and blinds.

A Worldwide Recognition to Replace Hospital Curtains

In light of these developments, alternative solutions such as hard surface privacy screens are being adopted by healthcare facilities globally as a more hygienic and safe option. These solutions offer improved privacy and reduce the risk of bacterial contamination compared to traditional fabric curtains. Additionally, hard surface screens are easier to clean and disinfect, making them a better choice for healthcare settings.

healthcare curtain substitute skyline design LCG smart custom glass powered by Gauzy

Why LCG Smart Glass™ as a Healthcare Curtain Substitute

1. Easily Cleanable

The ease of cleaning glass is incomparable with thoroughly removing and laundering curtain fabric. Laundering takes time and resources whereas cleaning our smart privacy glass, just like cleaning and disinfecting any regular glass, can be done daily and in place. This makes the cleaning procedures faster and less disruptive for patients and medical personnel.

2. Pathogen- and Microbial-resistant

Not all hard surfaces are created equal, at least when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting them from serious disease-causing agents, such as COVID-19. Glass is by-nature nonporous, making it difficult for bacteria to adhere to and reducing the number of hospital-associated infections. It is the perfect healthcare curtain substitute.

3. Privacy on Demand

It is common for a shared patient area to be sectioned off into smaller spaces making patients feel isolated. With our smart privacy glass, patients and medical staff do not need to compromise on visibility and privacy. Skyline Design’s LCG® Smart Glass™, powered by Gauzy, provides full privacy with one push of a button — instantly switch the glass between transparent and opaque.

4. Touchless Control

Skyline Design’s LCG Smart Glass™ is compatible with any off-the-shelf or custom wall, door, or partition system and controlled via Wi-Fi touch panels, RF remotes, traditional wall switches, or integration with popular systems including Google, Alexa, or custom programs. This ability eliminates the need for touch and possible contamination making the space very hygienic.

“In less acute settings, both acoustic and visual privacy for both patients and family become primary. The two needs collide in the creation of a universal room, where critical care demands visibility, but medical/ surgical patients and their families may crave privacy.”


– Healthcare Design Magazine

5. Sound Reduction

It is essential for patients to get the rest they deserve. Glass can be used to reduce noise by adding acoustic properties to walls, partitions, and doors, which can absorb, reflect or block sound. By selecting the right type of glass, the noise level can be effectively reduced, making the healthcare environment more restful and conducive to healing.

6. Consumes Low Energy and Sustainable

Glass has an unlimited life cycle and is fully recyclable, making it one of the most sustainable, natural, and durable building materials in the healthcare design industry. Skyline Design LCG Smart Glass™ films, powered by Gauzy, consume less energy than a 40-watt light bulb per 120ft2.

7. Combine with Patterns

Our smart privacy glass can be paired with pattern, imagery, and color. Combine the smart technology of switch glass with the beauty of printed or etched patterns on the glass. Our capabilities include eco-etching patterns onto the glass surface, digital-printing full color inside the glass, and color interlayer with vivid and neutral color options.

Safety standards in healthcare environments are constantly evolving. Innovative building designs and smart materials can help facilities adapt faster, better treat patients, and ensure the safety of staff, patients, and visitors.

Eliminating the need for HAI-harboring fabrics used for privacy and shading, Skyline Design’s LCG Smart Glass™ supports light-filled privacy, shade with a view, and sound isolation for greater comfort and enhanced well-being that contributes to faster healing. Controlled with motion sensors or from a central station, doctors and nurses can reduce the amount of interaction with touchable surfaces and can easily check on patients with minimal disruption — making it the perfect healthcare curtain substitute.

A botanical pattern made up of organic branches, photographed by Williamson Images and eco-etched on glass by Skyline Design architectural glass manufacturer
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