University HealthSystems Consortium

Project Challenge:

Relocate UHC from the suburbs to downtown Chicago, utilizing the move as a rebranding opportunity. An alliance of health professionals from academic medical centers and affiliated hospitals, UHC is focused on networking, enabling members to share information nationwide. Targeted for LEED Silver certification, the new multifunctional space is designed to foster collaboration and convey the organization’s brand: a healthy, open workplace that nurtures an engaging environment where knowledge is created.

Skyline Design’s Solution:

For a space inspired by the systems of the human body, we applied the color printing capabilities of Skyline’s direct printing technique to create a series of full-color, 5-footdiameter eyes that signify UHC’s vision. Combined with Eco-etch®, the result is a two-sided translucent wall offering light and privacy in the boardroom. In the reception area, we printed their new gradient dot globe logo with AST/Vitracolor® and used our back-to-back Vitracolor Assembly to provide a magnetic markerglass wall for adjacent conference space.


The UHC project demonstrates Skyline’s capabilities for printing dynamic graphics on glass and integrating multiple techniques—including etching and painting. Even on a tight schedule, we combine artistry with quality craftsmanship, translating design concepts to samples that match final production panels— accommodating our client’s needs for speed and customized solutions.

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